My Photos

I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. If you have read my travel blogs thru Nebraska and the Midwest, all of those pics were taken digitally. At first, I used a Panasonic Lumix digital camera which took excellent pictures. But it was still like shooting on film. The camera did not have the "rapid-shoot" feature that many of the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras have today. So now, I can shoot a bunch of pictures of an approaching train and find the perfect shot.

Anyway, here is where you will find some of my great shots. If there is one in particular that you would like to have for your own, please be courteous and send me an email to me just to let me know which one you like. And a "Courtesy of" footnote on the photo would be greatly appreciated.

The homestead of N1BOW

One incredible ham radio antenna farm in Southwick, Massachusetts

 Old Glory and the Moon

The jetty at Giants Neck Beach, Niantic, CT

My son Chris and my daughter Caty

Sunset at Railroad Beach in Niantic, Connecticut

On the set of "Nyberg" at News 8 with me and Jose Feliciano

Outside East Lyme Fire Department's Station 2 in Niantic on a beautiful autumn day

Shoreline East Train 1695 at NAN drawbridge

Sunset over Niantic

Cell tower somewhere near Dallas, TX

Winter at the Homestead

Rock Neck Beach as seen from Giants Neck Heights Beach

A venerable and retired Amtrak AEM-7, aka the "Swedish Meatball", at New Haven Union Station

Summer sunset outside News 8 in New Haven

My daughter Caty and her then-fiancee now-husband Will

My son Chris

Nightside at News 8's ENG Receive

My late father and WWII veteran, James A Zocco from Windsor Locks, CT. Miss you, Dad.

Getting ready for the 5 O' Clock News

Caty and Chris at dinner at On the Border Restaurant in Allen, TX

Me aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City

Another summer sunset from The Walk in Niantic

A Union Pacific double stack train passing Reunion Tower in Dallas

Amtrak's Shoreline Route just before NAN Drawbridge in Niantic

Caty's roses at the beach house, now my younger brother's house, in Niantic

Nightside with Old Glory at the Giants Neck Heights Beach Jetty

New York City as seen from The New Yorker Hotel Room 1935

Sunset in Columbus, Ohio September 2018

The Blaw-Knox tower of The Legend, AM 650, WSM, Nashville, Tennessee

A Loves Convenience Store tanker truck near Little Rock, Arkansas

My Church, St. Agnes Catholic Church, in Niantic, Connecticut

Acela 2255 crossing NAN Drawbridge on a hot summer day

Wildflower colors of Summer

One beautiful fire truck onside Dunkin' in Windsor Locks, Connecticut

The Eastbound homeboards at NAN Drawbridge at Dusk

Sunset at The Walk in Niantic, Connecticut

My Dad's license plate now used by my youngest brother Jay

Sunset on I-95 westbound in Madison, Connecticut

Where I grew up in Windsor Locks, Connecticut

The Coast Guard's Barque Eagle at New London, Connecticut

My old haunts: ENG Receive at WTNH-TV

At Key West, Florida

A Brush with Greatness: me and former Good Morning America Spencer Christian
at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum,Greeley, Colorado

The underground neon corridor between Concourses 2 and 3 at O'Hare International Airport,
Chicago, Illinois

Shoreline East 3661 along Connecticut Route 156 in Niantic, Connecticut

One World Trade Center, New York, New York

Just a good antenna picture

My very good friend, documentary director/producer Taylor Monte,
who made the film "You and Me"; Available on iTunes

Shoreline East 1667 at Union Station, New London, Connecticut

An actual B-17 at Groton/New London Airport

Where else but Fenway Park, Boston

My Dad in the 15th Air Force, 450th Bomb Group in Maduria, Italy

Colors of fall outside St. Agnes Church, Niantic, Connecticut

Fall in my back yard

My Dad's boat, wooden type with mahagony trim. It was rebuild in the summer of 2017 and was re-launched in September 2017

My analog/digital UHF Go-Pack and tripod antenna